Computer Coding Description

The number of schools adding computer coding and computer science classes from elementary through high school has increased many times over in just the last few years, both in our country and in the UK. This newly developed course by Edhesive was designed to meet the requests of many teachers and administrators seeking to strengthen or start computer science programs in their middle schools. This introductory course is designed to be fun, engaging, relevant, collaborative, and accessible for all students, regardless of background or prior experience. Through a variety of activities, students develop a strong foundation in the area of computer science and coding. Some of these "in-class" activities include watching videos, submitting and sharing responses to questions in online posts, student-made presentations using Google Docs, and creating interactive projects in Python, the programming language that drives You Tube, Google, Dropbox, and Instagram.  In the coding explorations, students use a combination of blocks and actual code to ease the learning curve. Through the use of  characters (sprites), backgrounds, move and say commands, click events, and limitless others, students are learning to "think" like a computer programmer as they build and debug programs in an engaging, fun, and interactive way. Many of the online and unplugged activities also allow students to demonstrate their creativity, communication, and critical thinking skills. Please click "Computer Coding Unit Overview" for a detailed list of topics covered. Click "Computer Coding Projects" (left side) to see recent examples of student projects.