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2019-2020 Community Newsletter


               House & Community Diagram

Sacred Heart Jr-Sr High School Community & House System

Sacred Heart Jr-Sr High School began the Community & House System during the 2017-2018 school year.  It has always been our goal to provide a strong education for our students so we are delighted about the opportunity to enhance each student’s educational experiences with more emphasis placed on community, inclusiveness, and relationship with each other and our Lord.

Why a Community & House System?

The main objective of our Community-House System is to help foster an environment for our school that encourages all our students to live our school mission, by emphasizing their formation as a whole person; mind, body and spirit.  The Community & House System is a way of structuring student life by providing opportunities for the development of relationships between all members of the school community including students, faculty, staff and alumni.  It will also contribute to the growth in the students emotional, relational and spirit life.

What are the Goals of a Community & House System?

  • Help create a dynamic Catholic component to our school environment.
  • Ensure individual care and support for each student by providing a peer support network and mentoring adults who will monitor and support academic, social and spiritual growth of each student.
  • Create leadership opportunities for students.
  • Help each student develop their interpersonal skill set.

Here are some Community and House specifics:

  • There will be 3 communities in our school, with approximately 75-80 students/staff randomly placed in each community. Each community is named after a saint.Our three communities are named John Paul II, St. Margaret Mary and Mother Teresa.
  • Each community will have 4 houses.Each student and staff member in each community will again be randomly assigned to one of the 4 community houses.There will be approximately 18-20 students/staff in each house.
  • Each community and house will be made up of an equal number of students from each grade level, grades 7-12.Students will stay with their house and community for their entire time at Sacred Heart.
  • Each community will meet every day, some days for 10 minutes, other days for 40 minutes with minimal impact on the instructional school day.Different topics and activities will be planned for each community on each day.
  • No longer will we separate by classes for lockers, competitions or planning events.Instead, students will have lockers with their community; they will compete in competitions as a house or community, as each community will be able to combine their resources.It will have jh students working alongside juniors and seniors, creating fellowship and mentorships opportunities thus allowing students to feel more connected to their peers, school and church.

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