Graduation   Requirements

  English--4 units
  Social Studies--3 units
  Physical   Education/Health--1   unit
  Mathematics--3 units
  Science--3 units
  Religion--4 units
  Computer     Applications-  -1 unit
  Speech, Forensics,       Debate--.5 unit
  Fine Arts--1 unit
  Electives--8 units
  TOTAL - 28.5 units
-- College bound students are strongly encouraged to take 2 units 
of Foreign Language as an elective.
-- One unit is awarded for successfully completing a class that
meets each day for one hour for the entire year.
-- During the typical school day, each student at SHHS will take
eight (8) full hours of classes. There are no study halls.
  Elective Courses
  Art, Foreign   Languages, Physical   Education, Industrial   Arts,
 Chorus,   Forensics/Debate,   Instrumental Music,   Family &
  Consumer Science.

  Grading Scale

  A  -  94% - 100%
  B  -  87% - 93%
  C  -  78% - 86%
  D  -  70% - 77%
  F  -  69% and below
  Grade Point Average is determined on a 4.0 scale.
 -- Each A is awarded 4 points
 -- Each B is awarded 3 points
 -- Each C is awarded 2 points
 -- Each D is awarded 1 point
  Honor Roll
  High Honor Roll..........3.75 - 4.0
  Honor Roll..................3.50 - 3.74

Semester Finals

All students at Sacred Heart Jr/Sr High School are required to take semester exams at the end of each semester. However, students who have met the following criteria are excused from semester exams:

  • Have not missed more than 16 class periods during the course of a semester or have a 94% grade average in the class on the Friday prior to semester finals and
  • Have a current parental permission form signed and on file in the office exempting the student from taking semester exams.

Final exams may account for up to 20% of the final semester grade.


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