Graduation Requirements

English--4 units
Social Studies--3 units
Physical Education/Health--1 unit
Mathematics--3 units
Science--3 units
Religion--4 units
Computer Applications--1 unit
Speech, Forensics, Debate--.5 unit
Fine Arts 1 unit
Electives--8 units
TOTAL - 28.5 units
o College bound students are strongly encouraged to take 2 units
of Foreign Language as an elective.
o One unit is awarded for successfully completing a class that
meets each day for one hour for the entire year.
o During the typical school day, each student at SHHS will take
eight (8) full hours of classes. There are no study halls.
Elective Courses
Art, Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Industrial Arts,
Chorus, Forensics/Debate, Instrumental Music, Family &
Consumer Science.

Grading Scale

A 94 - 100%
B 87 - 93%
C 78 - 86%
D 70 - 77%
F 69% and below
Grade Point Average is determined on a 4.0 scale.
o Each A is awarded 4 points
o Each B is awarded 3 points
o Each C is awarded 2 points
o Each D is awarded 1 point
Honor Roll
High Honor Roll..........3.75 - 4.0
Honor Roll..................3.50 - 3.74

Semester Finals

All students at Sacred Heart Jr/Sr High School are required to take semester exams at the end of each semester. However, students who have met the following criteria are excused from semester exams:

  • Have not missed more than 16 class periods during the course of a semester or have a 94% grade average in the class on the Friday prior to semester finals and
  • Have a current parental permission form signed and on file in the office exempting the student from taking semester exams.

Final exams may account for up to 20% of the final semester grade.


Class Instructor

Accounting Jo Durr
Advanced Biology David Green
Algebra I Jessica Ziegler
Algebra I-A Jessica Ziegler
Algebra I-B Sondra Palen
Algebra II Sondra Palen
American History John Hamilton
Art Jr. High Jordan Schwartz
Band Richard Koshgarian
Band Jr. High Richard Koshgarian
Basic Design Jordan Schwartz
Biology David Green
Business Essentials  Jo Durr
Calculus Sondra Palen
Career Intern Neal Zouzas
Ceramics I Jordan Schwartz
Ceramics II Jordan Schwartz
Chemistry David Green
Child Development Jennifer Fritz
Chorus Janell Antholz
Chorus Jr. High Janell Antholz
Coding  Michael Beeson
College Algebra  Sondra Palen
College Class Neal Zouzas
College Literature Brian Gormley
College Speech  Olga Silverman
Computer Apl I Jo Durr
Consumer Math Jessica Ziegler
Debate Olga Silverman
Debate/Forensics Jr. High Olga Silverman
Desktop Publishing Jo Durr
Drafting I Bryce Woodall
Drafting II Bryce Woodall
Drawing I Jordan Schwartz
Drawing II Jordan Schwartz
Earth/Space Science Carol Plymell
English 7 Debby Everett
English 8 Debby Everett
English I Olga Silverman
English II Brian Gormley/Olga Silverman
English III Brian Gormley
English IV Brian Gormley
Exploratory Art Jordan Schwartz
FACS Jr. High Jennifer Fritz
Foods/Nutrition I Jennifer Fritz
Foods/Nutrition II Jennifer Fritz
Forensics Olga Silverman
Geography/Kansas History Arnold Schmidtberger
Geometry Jessica Ziegler
Government John Hamilton
History Jr. High Arnold Schmidtberger
Individual Advanced Biology David Green
Individual Algebra II Sondra Palen
Individual Appl Math Sondra Palen
Individual Computer App I Jo Durr
Independent Study--Art Jordan Schwartz
Intermediate Geometry Jessica Ziegler
Jazz Band Richard Koshgarian
Jazz Band Jr. High Richard Koshgarian
Knightingales Janell Antholz
Life Science Carol Plymell
Marketing Jo Durr
Math 7 Michael Beeson
Math 8 Michael Beeson
Music Theory  Richard Koshgarian
Outreach Ministry Janette Gilchrist
Painting Jordan Schwartz
Painting II Jordan Schwartz
PE 7 Jennifer Fritz
PE 8 Jennifer Fritz/Garrett Galanski
PE/Conditioning Garrett Galanski
PE/Health Jennifer Fritz/Garrett Galanski
Peer Tutor Neal Zouzas
Personal Finance Jo Durr
Physical Science Carol Plymell
Physics David Green
Pre-Calculus  Sondra Palen
Printmaking Jordan Schwartz
Religion 7 Sr. Pauline Kukula
Religion 8 Sr. Pauline Kukula
Religion I Liz Carney
Religion II Debby Everett
Religion III Liz Carney
Religion IV  Liz Carney
Skills Class Kathy Schmidtberger
Sociology Arnold Schmidtberger
Special HS English Kathy Schmidtberger
Special HS Math Kathy Schmidtberger
Special HS Science Kathy Schmidtberger
Special JH English Kathy Schmidtberger
Special JH Geography Kathy Schmidtberger
Special JH Life Kathy Schmidtberger
Special JH Math Kathy Schmidtberger
Special JH Science Kathy Schmidtberger
Spanish I  Shelly Power
Spanish II  Shelly Power
Spanish III Shelly Power
Spanish Jr. High Shelly Power
Speech Olga Silverman
Teacher Aide Neal Zouzas
Tech Lab I Bryce Woodall
Woods I Bryce Woodall
Woods II Bryce Woodall
Woods III Bryce Woodall
Woods IV Bryce Woodall
World History John Hamilton