Sacred Heart Jr. Sr. High School Endowment

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The Endowment Fund -The Endowment Fund consists of invested contributions which provide funds for operation of the School in the form of annual interest payments.  The principal of this fund is not reduced by the funds allocated to the school.

Endowment Board Officers 2016-2017

Mike Junk, President

Katie Platten, Vice-President

Mark Skidmore, Secretary

Brad Palen, Treasurer

Board Members

Dave Bieberly

Lance Cochran

Bill Grevas

Dahx Marrs

Bill Roberts

Brian Schaulis

Honarary Board Members

Mark Augustine

Bill Beckmeyer

George Cardinal

Tom Cure

Cathy Dodge

Charlie Gagnon

Tony Gagnon

Alan Hale

Jerry Hellmer

Pam Johnson

Paul Junk

Frieda Mai-Weis

Rosemeary Mai

Donnie Marrs

Thomas Martin

Rev. Louis Mattas (Deceased)

Marilyn O'Connor-Hunt

Jim Otto (Deceased)

Joe Ritter (Deceased)

Mark Ritter

Margaret Robertson

Jack Sheahon

Carl Strecker (Deceased)

Gib Urban

Charlie Walker (Deceased)

Trace Walker

Sister Rose Walters

Msgr. John George Weber (Deceased)

Ex Officio Members

Most Reverend Edward J. Weisenburger

Rev. Kevin Weber

Msgr. James Hake

Rev. Keith Weber

Nick Compagnone

John Krajicek

From Melissa Anderson, Golf Tournament Director, thank you to Mark Ritter for chairing this year's tournament with great direction.  Thank you to those who supported and participated in the recent Memorial Golf Tournament in memory of Bishop George, in support of SHJSHS Endowment Fund!  

This year's tournament, which took place on Thursday, July 14 and Friday, July 15, 2016 was a great success.
Thank you to the Sacred Heart student caddies who helped carry golf bags and prepare signs.  See pictured below.
Student Caddies 2016
The golf tournament raised a total of $21,100.00 to be invested into the SHJSHS Endowment Fund.

With a score of 55, here is your Championship Team this year.
From L-R Joe Bachofer '83, Pat Martin '83, Connor Martin '09, Marc Ziegler.

2016 Championship Team