Principal's Welcome

............ to Sacred Heart.

John Krajicek Pic

As we greet the new school year, we also greet new challenges to our quest to achieve a level of excellence in education never before attained. Developing curriculum to meet the ever-advancing technology of the world today would present challenge enough. But, we also face the challenges of providing a learning environment conducive to the spiritual, social and physical growth of our young people in a society where violence and declining moral values are an ever-present threat. Sacred Heart seeks to meet those challenges head on and to contribute to the rebuilding of a moral society by preparing students for responsible adult leadership roles in society, world and church.

The path to excellence has been lined with many stepping stones to success as well as a few misplaced stones that have tripped us along the way. It is through the dedication of the Sisters of St. Joseph who established Sacred Heart in 1908 and our varied communities of supporters that we have climbed those stepping stones to success and recovered from the stumbles to bring Sacred Heart to the level of achievement we now enjoy.

Improvements in our math and science programs over the past few years have resulted in significant increases in student achievement in those areas. Our art, debate and forensics programs have garnered state and national recognition yet provide avenues of expression for students in and around their community. Many of our students participate in our vocal and instrumental music programs which have enjoyed a long history of performance excellence. Our student athletic programs carry a strong, proud tradition of success and continue to provide students with many opportunities to develop and showcase their physical talents and skills. Community service projects allow students to live out the Christian values that are promoted and intertwined with their academic learning at Sacred Heart.

We are "achieving excellence" which demonstrates that we are continuing in our quest to reach a new and higher level. As we expand the opportunities of students to challenge themselves academically, spiritually and physically, we continue to rely on the strong support network of our many dedicated alumni, donors and volunteers who give some part of themselves to Sacred Heart each day. It takes very special people like you who provide the very opportunity for us to achieve that excellence in education that we seek for our youth.

Thank you for believing and sharing in our success, and we invite you to join us as we take excellence in education to the next level.



John Krajicek, Principal